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Deeming rate changes July 2019

Following further reductions in the RBA cash rate, the Government amended the income test deeming rates to better reflect what retirees might actually earn on deposits. The new lower rate of 1% p.a. and upper rate of 3% p.a. have now been applied in the Simulator.

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Calculator update July 2019

Today we released the updated Retirement Income Simulator for the 2019-20 financial year. There were no changes to the underlying calculations, just parameter updates as follows:

  • Co-contribution eligibility income threshold
  • SG maximum contributions base
  • Age pension means test and deeming thresholds
  • Underlying indexed values of contribution caps and transfer balance cap

We have chosen not to include the Low Income Tax Offset and Low and Middle Income Tax Offset at this stage, based on their relative size and the fact that they have no impact on super. If proposed changes now before Parliament are passed, we will review this decision. At present we are also considering modelling future income tax threshold changes that will occur from 2022. All of the changes impact after-tax income only, so are secondary to the purpose of the simulator.

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Inflation update

Today, ASIC released regulations that allow super and retirement calculators to allow for increases in community living standards. Our previous post on this topic noted that ASIC had mandated using a 2.5% p.a. discount rate to convert future dollars to today's dollars, with a time-limited exemption for super and retirement calculators. Since then the exemption was extended twice, but we now have certainty about how we present today's dollar amounts.

We allow our clients to use inflation rates that are consistent with the default investment returns. The additional factor over price inflation that allows for increases in community living standards is usually between 1% and 1.5%.

No changes are required for the Retirement Income Simulator because it already allows for increases in community living standards, and discloses this.

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Home loan feature

Our first new feature for a while is the ability to model a home loan. The chief benefit of this is that the user can see when their home loan will be paid off relative to their retirement date.

If your home loan is paid off before retirement, then everything works much the same as it always has. If your home loan is not paid off by retirement then you'll see a notification showing you how much will be outstanding, and directing you to the Retirement lump sums tab. This allows you to assign a lump sum withdrawal to pay off your loan, so you can see where you stand for retirement.

What you'll see

  • Homeowner input extended to show two types of homeowner
  • New inputs for loan amount, interest rate and monthly repayment
  • A new home loan chart
  • A notification that shows if the loan is not paid off before retirement
  • The Retirement goals menu has been split into Retirement income and Retirement lump sums

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New enhancement for the self-employed

We've had feedback about the limitations of the Simulator in relation to the self-employed. This week we released an enhancement that allows you to indicate that you (or your spouse/partner) are self-employed. Look for it on the Contributions panel. Selecting Yes will remove the Employer contributions slider and assumed employer contributions, allowing you complete control over contributions.

We're always happy to have feedback on any improvements.

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