Retirement Income Simulator

The user interface for the Retirement Income Simulator online calculator has been redesigned. The new interface design features a responsive layout, with custom layouts for desktop PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.

In addition to the new design, we've added two new features.


A step-by-step tutorial has been added explaining the projected retirement income graph. This tutorial explains the basic operation of the calculator, and demonstrates how altering certain inputs can affect the retirement income projection. It opens by default, but can be skipped.

Text summary

For users who relate better to an infographic style presentation, the calculator now provides a simple text summary of their retirement projection with the key numbers highlighted. The summary is separated into the following time periods:

  • Now
  • Career (displayed for non-retired users only)
  • At retirement
  • Early retirement (displayed for retired users only)
  • Beyond

We've also updated our calculation engine with the following legislative changes:

Effective March 20th

  • Age pension deeming rates on financial investments are reduced by 0.25% as follows:
    • Lower deeming rate is now 1.75% for financial investments up to the threshold
    • Upper deeming rate is now 3.75% for financial investments above the threshold
    • The deeming threshold is $48,000 for singles and $79,600 for couples
  • The maximum Age Pension has been increased as follows:
    • The singles pension rate has been increased to $860.20 per fortnight
    • The couples pension rate has been increased to $1296.80 per fortnight